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What is Content Freshness and Does it Matter?

What is content freshness? Does it matter for your business? How can you easily generate content on a regular basis?

SERP Rankings: The holy grail of SEO

What takes a page from undiscovered to viral? This is your map to reaching the top slots on the search engine results page.

Quantifying Search Traffic for Beginners

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s wise to approach your campaigns with the mindset of an investor. What return are you getting on search?

The Dawn of SEO

Two Stanford students theorized a new way to map the hyperlink structure of the Web—the backlink. The consequence has been the birth of the SEO industry.

The Birth of Search

With the integration of these first few networks and databases, a need arose for an easier way to find information—the search engine.

The Origins of the Internet

To fully understand the web of connections we find ourselves immersed in today, it is helpful to look back at the origins of the internet.

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