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If you have decided to make SEO a strategic priority, you're in the right place. We offer many services, but the precise mix of services we recommend for your company will be determined by your initial ApolloAudit and will evolve over time as your site grows and matures.

After your initial Audit, we'll meet to review the findings and talk through the services that would be a good match for your site and your business goals. We'll take the time upfront to talk through questions you may have about the particular services, why we've recommended them, and what the timing would be to execute and see results.

Should you decide to engage our team to provide managed services, we would touch base to review and confirm the engagement timeline and deliverables. Then moving forward we would keep you up-to-date as we reach milestones and your SEO program develops. In addition to sharing best practices and collaborating with you to determine strategy within the areas described below, Apollo can provide the bandwidth for associated tactical functions such as copywriting, web development, social posting, and blogger/influencer outreach.

Our Managed SEO services may include one or several of the services described below depending on your needs.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics Implementation

Without analytics quantifying the activity on your site, you're flying blind. Simply implementing Google Analytics (GA) will automatically generate foundational metrics such as number of users, average visit duration, average pages per visit, and average bounce rate. Getting a grasp on these metrics will enable you to clearly see how different parts of your site are performing and how they contribute (or detract) from your business. These core metrics also contribute to the ranking of your site in search.

Analytics Management

After implementation and an initial benchmarking period, there is an ongoing process of monitoring and optimization. Google Analytics provides a way for you to test content and geotargeting strategies, and determine which marketing campaigns are driving the most traffic and sales for your business.

When you add new content or revise old content, GA will measure both technical data (such as page speed) and user data, such as time spent on that page and how the user engages with your site after visiting that page. This information is invaluable as a way to listen to your customers and understand what they're truly interested in.

Google Analytics provides insights into where your users are located and when they are active. Amongst other things, this can be used when working on go-to-market plans, understanding when to publish content to a blog or social media, and determining where to hold live events for your prospects or customers.

Finally, the core function of GA is its ability to track campaigns. Using tracking tags on your page URLs, you can determine how visitors to your website heard about you and concretely measure such things as whether your email campaigns are outperforming social or vise versa. A similar method can be leveraged to track business leads from in-person events such as conferences and speaker opportunities or meetings you may have.

We will manage the administration of your site analytics and work with you to ensure your other efforts are measurable—the worst return on investment is an unknown. We'll help you quantify the engagement you generate across social, email, and web.

Content Strategy

Keyword Research

Although not the sole criteria for appearing in a search result, keywords make it easier for the search engine to index your site's pages. The initial component of keyword research is understanding the industry and topics your site is competing within. This competitive research is helpful in determining how to position yourself in the market and provides a wealth of information to inform other efforts such as paid ads on search and social.

After evaluating the keywords you currently rank for and identifying new keyword opportunities for your company, we'll work with you to identify subjects and perspectives for content that will fill gaps or present a topic in a new way. This is where working smarter rather than harder really pays dividends. For clients who prefer to focus on improving their product or service instead of copywriting, our team is also able to manage content creation.

Blog Strategy

There are a handful of key factors that separate the successful blogs online from the hundreds of thousands that are never discovered or shared. We can help you focus your blogging efforts in areas that will yield attention and engagement.

Apart from writing about the things people want to read, the way you write is critical. The quality of your content determines how a search engine ranks it. SEO is about optimizing the experience a user has on your site and your ability to anticipate and address their intent. Content attributes such as average page length and reading level have a direct impact on the user experience on your site. Additionally, user experience is quantified by metrics such as how many pages of your site the typical visitor reads, how much time they spend, and whether they become repeat visitors.

We'll help you identify ways to quantify and improve the quality of your content and to build authority within your industry.

Social SEO

There is certainly a lot of buzz around social media and no one can deny the ongoing trend, but how does social impact SEO? We recommend viewing social engagement and SEO as a facet of link-building. For the purposes of SEO, the engagement you generate in terms of shares is much more important than how many followers you have.

When you partner with us, our team will work to integrate your social activity into a comprehensive analytics plan, so you can see exactly what you're getting in exchange for those tweets and posts. We'll also evaluate your social profiles to ensure they're easily indexed by search engines and then help you optimize your future social posts for the engagement and links that will increase your site's authority.

Reputation Management

Authority and Link Building

Your site's authority online is much like your personal reputation, it's built over time and is based on what others say about you and your work. The number and quality of other sites linking to yours is generally the most important factor in determining the authority of your site. However, there are also secondary factors such as whether the referring sites are in your industry, whether the text they link to your site is related to topics and keywords you're trying to rank for, and whether the sentiment of the text around those links is positive or negative.

These external links each impart a bit of authority to your site. Additionally, this web of other sites linking to yours establishes context which search engines use to determine what your site is really about—this is increasingly becoming more important than having the "right" keyword on a certain page.

As your SEO partner, we'll begin by mapping these links during your Audit and helping you understand the current authority of your site relative to peers and leaders in your industry. Then, we'll work with you to develop a strategy for improving your site's back-link profile and authority. We will not simply generate or purchase these links; while tactics such as those can generate short-term gains, they have long-term negative impacts on the reputation of your site. Rather, we'll educate you on how to build content that attracts links and work with you to develop an effective link acquisition plan. We'll guide you through the process of syndicating your content and soliciting links from blogs, news sites, and other media.

Social Listening

Another key component of understanding your digital reputation is social listening. Part brand research, part machine learning—social listening monitors not only comments about your company and brand, but the sentiment of those comments. In addition to being fascinating to monitor, social listening is a great way to get ahead of industry trends and can be a valuable component of your content strategy.

Digital Strategy

Complementary Services

Sometimes the sum really is greater than the parts and that is undoubtedly true of comprehensive digital strategies. The most critical element of SEO is generating links to your site, which are essentially referrals. The velocity with which you attract those referrals is multiplied by your efforts in areas such as content creation, social media, and blogging. Of course, like any businessperson you have other things to do on a day-to-day basis. That's where we come in.

We have the expertise to guide you through the initial stages of implementation and adoption--and we have the team you'll need to help you scale those efforts as your business grows. Our digital strategy offering includes each of the services mentioned above and is the all-inclusive solution for those looking to adopt best-in-class practices across the board.

Why Apollo?

Our team is entirely focused on organic digital marketing and we specialize in SEO. That means we won't enter a partnership with you to improve your SEO and have a side agenda of selling you a monthly advertising package. Our team's expertise in SEO is complemented by our previous experiences with social media marketing, web design, email marketing, and content creation.

We approach SEO as a collaborative process of consultation and education. We leverage white hat tactics to create long-term momentum and growth for your site. As we work with you, we'll discuss how your efforts in other areas, such as podcasting and video, can be done in a way that complements your SEO strategy.

For many businesses, competition is increasing steadily. For those with a website, capturing traffic from organic search is a critical piece of any successful digital marketing strategy. However, SEO is also one of the most technical digital marketing disciplines. Apollo can provide the expertise you need to set yourself apart from the competition and build authority in your niche. Contact us today to get started.